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Editorial : Linking hands in Saugus | 7:10 PM

What better way for people to show their appreciation for veterans than to ask them to buy a personalized paver

Editorial: Safe in Saugus | 7:30 PM

It doesn’t sound like much money in the grand scheme of tax dollar spending, but the $3,300 in federal pedestrian

Calling all adults | 10:21 PM

Where were the proverbial adults in the room when seven Saugus senior athletes were suspended from playing in postseason tournaments

Feisty in Saugus | 7:26 PM

Toni Turilli attends Saugus High School but for four hours last Friday, she donned the mantle of mock authority as

Time to give a dam | 7:46 PM

Saugus Special Town Meeting went on a spending spree Monday night, including $150,000 to get the town into compliance with

Saugus steps up | 10:41 PM

More than one out of 10 Saugus public school students has contemplated suicide in the last year, according to a

Putting the cart before the horse in Saugus | 11:12 PM

Town Meeting on Monday overwhelmingly approved three zoning changes aimed at longtime Saugus business and major property taxpayer Wheelabrator. But

Doughnuts, the universal language | 12:00 AM

The voice at the other end of the phone line belonged to a computer-savvy, 50-plus-year subscriber to The Daily Item.