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A tidal wave in Saugus  | 11:01 PM

Twelve candidates are seeking five seats on the Board of Selectmen in Saugus and 11 candidates are seeking five School

Krause: A reunion to remember | 11:02 PM

My wife Linda likes to say class reunions are like the last scene in “A League of Their Own.” You

Jourgensen: Those were the days in Saugus | 11:00 PM

It’s no surprise Saugus committed $600,000 to pay for fixing up Town Hall. The tall spindly structure designed in the

Jourgensen: Saugus gives history its due | 6:20 PM

It’s easy to overlook Saugus’ love for local history until you drive by Town Hall and appreciate the attention and

Ground zero for plastics | 10:56 PM

Greater Lynn is rapidly becoming ground zero for strengthening the growing popularity of banning plastic bags and, by extension, other

State needs to help Saugus slow down | 10:00 PM

Saugus is making great strides in revamping its public schools and, one by one, the town is sprucing up, in

Saugus slams on the brakes | 7:39 PM

Saugus Town Meeting took a decisive and, to some people, bewildering stance Monday on large-scale housing development in the town.