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Saugus dodges thin ice | 9:02 PM

We congratulate the Saugus Board of Selectmen for voting to terminate a complicated lease arrangement for Kasabuski Rink and hand

Words and symbols | 9:02 PM

Words and symbols have come under intense scrutiny during the national debate on racial justice and conversations in Saugus and

Saugus paved a way forward | 7:12 PM

At first glance, it seemed like a small, even inconsequential announcement: The town of Saugus declared its compost site open

Jourgensen: How are you doing? | 9:02 PM

That is the question I asked this week to people I interviewed during the last two months from my dining

Memorial Day a different way | 9:03 PM

Coronavirus probably won’t stop backyard Memorial Day barbecues heralding summer’s unofficial start this year. But the day’s real purpose —

Building for the future | 9:01 PM

With all of our attention focused on fighting and surviving coronavirus, we can be excused for missing some good news

No sugar coating in Saugus | 11:04 PM

Don’t tell Saugus School Superintendent Dr. David DeRuosi ’tis the season for festive moods and holiday cheer. DeRuosi dropped a

The votes are in | 11:01 PM

The brightly-colored signs are headed for the trash bins. The social media buzz has been replaced with congratulatory messages or

Get out and vote | 11:04 PM

If you are a registered voter living in Lynn, Peabody and Saugus, today is your day. The polls open at

Who is your person of the year? | 9:51 PM

Who had the most positive impact in your city or town this year?  The Essex Media Group, which publishes The