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Editorial: Lynn’s forward motion | 1:00 PM

An historic event occurred in Lynn Tuesday night when the city Conservation Commission voted 4-0 to provide the final local

Crighton takes aim | 9:34 PM

It’s invigorating to see state Sen. Brendan Crighton bring his energy and focus to the Legislature’s After-School and Out-of-School Time

Jourgensen: Can anyone remember … ? | 9:38 PM

Here’s to Police Sgt. Ned Shinnick and Officer John McKenna for walking the beat on Thursday in their kilts. It

Much-needed relief | 8:45 PM

The CEO of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers sounded an alarm Tuesday when he warned community health centers

Goodbye, Mr. Broadway | 8:23 PM

“Good Night, Sweet Prince,” was the name of Gene Fowler’s book about John Barrymore but it is also a fitting

Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Jay Ash.
Jay Ash: A powerful tool for Lynn | 6:59 PM

I testified on Monday in favor of Gov. Baker and Lt. Gov. Polito’s latest economic development bill: An Act to

Relentless Roca | 9:25 PM

Roca marks its 30th anniversary helping steer young people away from dead-end lives and into productive ones with a Boston

Jourgensen: I’m just asking… | 6:15 PM

Why do people run or walk for miles for fitness or training for a marathon and then dash across a

Up and away | 10:48 PM

They epitomize all that is great about Lynn and — here’s even better news — they are just getting started.

Don’t Ask Me | 5:46 PM

Don’t ask me but does anyone sweep the sidewalk or gutter in front of their home or business anymore? Maintaining

An Angel’s death really hits home | 11:42 PM

There’s a theme that runs around newsrooms that goes like this: If (name a person) dies, what’ll be in the

A victory for Lynn | 9:57 PM

A state-guaranteed $14 million to $16 million line of credit is good news for the city of Lynn and its

A humble pinnacle | 10:36 PM

North Shore Community College (NSCC) announced on Wednesday that it is one of 10 finalists nationwide for the 2018 Bellwether

A great collaboration | 9:52 PM

Long the cornerstone of Lynn’s economy, GE is proving it can continue bringing good things to the city. The corporation’s