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Letter: Yes to a new Swampscott school | 7:29 PM

To the editor:  “The building is too large.” “There are better sites.” “The cost is too high.” “The neighborhood will

Letter: Eminent domain cost concerns | 8:08 PM

To the editor: Swampscott voters and taxpayers should be made aware that the town’s proposal to take an easement by

Dan Wistran made a difference | 9:38 PM

Veterans called Dr. Daniel C. Wistran a friend for more than two decades, thanks to Wistran’s commitment to ensuring a

David M. Shribman: The way we were | 9:28 PM

On that day 20 years ago this week, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld declared war on Pentagon bureaucracy, saying that

Letter: Forgiveness time | 6:14 PM

To the editor:  The Jewish “New Year,” Rosh Hashanah, begins on the night of Sept. 6. The Jewish “Day of

Jared Nicholson: Clean King’s Beach | 6:10 PM

One of the biggest environmental success stories of the last half century has been the clean-up of Boston Harbor and

Time for maturity to overtake mask opponents | 6:08 PM

“Lessons learned: Masking up in schools” (Item, Aug. 20) exposed the contentious opposition local municipal officials are facing from some

Deveau is a Swampscott treasure | 8:11 PM

It is a testament to Alyce Deveau’s energy and love for Swampscott that, even as she announced her retirement as

Letter: Valid concerns in Swampscott | 1:04 PM

To the editors: In their Aug. 12 editorial, “In Swampscott, Much Ado About Nothing,” Item editors assert tax and NIMBY

In Swampscott, super ado about nothing | 6:10 PM

Here’s what qualifies as breaking news in Swampscott these days: School superintendent supports building a new school. That’s the takeaway

Letter: Congratulations, Coach Dana | 6:43 PM

To the editor: I believe positive performance deserves to be recognized and, in this case, I am referring to the

Readers’ Advocate: Racism coverage | 7:20 PM

(Editor’s note: The Readers’ Advocate’s role is to address the concerns of readers on a variety of matters, including the

Letter: Swampscott’s free-range threat | 6:45 PM

To the editor: After reading the opinion from the Swampscott Conservancy, I understand their concern about invasive plant species, but

Airing it out in Swampscott | 6:07 PM

Threats to the environment are not treated lightly on this page, but we cannot help but wonder if the danger