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A note to our readers | 11:43 AM

Due to mechanical issues at our printing site, newspapers were delivered late to our distributors which in turn impacted morning

Rents are going up on the North Shore | 1:54 PM

LYNN  — Rents in southern Essex County continue to rise, fueled by demand from tenants seeking refuge from even higher

Elder Abuse: The strain on caregivers | 11:50 PM

This is the last in a three-day series on elder abuse, a growing concern as our population ages. In this series,

Coming Monday: A look into elder abuse | 5:32 PM

Beginning Monday, The Item will publish a three-day series focusing on a disturbing but real phenomenon: elder abuse. As the

Corey and Sarah Jackson performed "Suddenly Seymour" during the opening night of the Peabody Black Box Theater on Wednesday.
Broadway on Peabody Square | 1:57 PM

PEABODY — With the sound of Corey and Sarah Jackson belting out “Suddenly Seymour” from the catwalk, the curtain officially