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Nahant’s Lombard a man for the ages | 9:05 PM

The letter was short and sweet and a casual reader could be forgiven for not realizing Richard J. Lombard’s Nahant

Towns take on the COVID-19 challenge | 9:03 PM

They have held online town meetings, socially distanced across football fields, and changed polling places to keep voters safe during

Memorial Day a different way | 9:03 PM

Coronavirus probably won’t stop backyard Memorial Day barbecues heralding summer’s unofficial start this year. But the day’s real purpose —

Commentary: Enough is enough  | 9:02 PM

We, the undersigned, are former Board of Selectmen members of the town of Nahant with a total of almost 30

Jourgensen: The sea and its stories | 9:03 PM

Coronavirus has thrown us for a loop and a half and I’m taking solace from the seemingly permanent and unalterable.

Krause: Cullinan an asset to Nahant | 11:01 PM

The Item has kept to its pledge of not endorsing candidates for election outright. But there are also times where

Letter to the Editor: An unfair tax | 11:00 PM

Here’s why the owner-occupied home real property tax is unfair. Owners work hard to save money left over from paying

Who is your person of the year? | 9:51 PM

Who had the most positive impact in your city or town this year?  The Essex Media Group, which publishes The

Turcotte: Farewell, Item | 11:03 PM

As a college student, I briefly considered becoming a geologist or following in Jane Goodall’s steps studying chimpanzees.  But I

Bridging a gap in Nahant | 7:41 PM

Ellingwood Chapel’s restoration is good news for Nahant residents and it underscores their love for town history. But Town Administrator

Nahant wetlands bylaw must stand | 7:03 PM

We urge Nahant residents attending Town Meeting on Saturday to pay close attention to Article 27 on the warrant and