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Nahant implements indoor-mask policy | 8:52 PM

NAHANT — Given the rise in COVID-19 cases, the town will be instituting an indoor-mask policy, which begins on Friday. 

Surf’s up in Nahant | 7:53 PM

NAHANT – Amber O’Shea and Tim Oviatt have come a long way as owners of Ocean House Surf and Skate.

With school reopenings come COVID concerns | 9:50 PM

The holidays led to a surge in COVID-19 cases, with the omicron variant responsible for the majority of infections. However,

What are our aspirations for the new year? Slideshow | 6:12 PM

After the mess that was 2021, we find ourselves looking forward to 2022. We asked readers to define their visions

Nahant remembers McIlveen fondly | 7:54 PM

NAHANT — Former Selectman Robert J. McIlveen, 94, died at home on Dec. 18. McIlveen served on the Board of

Nahant rings silver Christmas bells | 8:43 PM

NAHANT — After not being able to hold the Christmas parade due to COVID-19, the town will once again host

Lynn baby beneficiary of polar plunge | 6:41 PM

LYNN — The Capano and Sonia families are hosting their annual “Freezin’ for a Reason” polar-plunge event for a worthy

The North Shore salutes our heroes Slideshow | 6:45 PM

The weather held up for Veterans Day on the North Shore, as communities celebrated those who served in the Armed