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Why wouldn’t you vote? | 11:10 PM

It took decades of fighting before women and people of color were granted the rights to vote.  So, why do

Important enough to die (or kill?) for | 11:09 PM

Remember these names: James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner. If you don’t know them, you should. They were the three

Your vote gets access and results | 11:08 PM

A vote isn’t a piece of paper with a name on it. A vote is a commitment to someone you

We can do better than 6 percent | 11:07 PM

Last month’s primary election in Lynn had a pitiful voter turnout of 6 percent.  The number of voters is consistently

Time to get some civic exercise | 11:06 PM

Voting in America is an exercise in civic responsibility and, by extension, a civic duty. If we truly embrace that

Voting is our duty | 11:05 PM

The way I look at it, voting isn’t just a right. It is a duty. Presidents, senators, congressman/women, mayors, city

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A bridge to hope | 11:04 PM

Lynn Public Schools’ Bridge for Resilient Youth in Transition (BRYT) program represents a great stride forward in addressing student mental

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Krause: He didn’t Fluff off the day | 11:06 PM

Tuesday was “National Fluffernutter Day.”  Every day is national something-or-other day, and we note it on the LOOK page of 

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Turcotte: Farewell, Item | 11:03 PM

As a college student, I briefly considered becoming a geologist or following in Jane Goodall’s steps studying chimpanzees.  But I