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Jourgensen: Can anyone remember … ? | 9:38 PM

Here’s to Police Sgt. Ned Shinnick and Officer John McKenna for walking the beat on Thursday in their kilts. It

Much-needed relief | 8:45 PM

The CEO of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers sounded an alarm Tuesday when he warned community health centers

Goodbye, Mr. Broadway | 8:23 PM

“Good Night, Sweet Prince,” was the name of Gene Fowler’s book about John Barrymore but it is also a fitting

Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Jay Ash.
Jay Ash: A powerful tool for Lynn | 6:59 PM

I testified on Monday in favor of Gov. Baker and Lt. Gov. Polito’s latest economic development bill: An Act to

Relentless Roca | 9:25 PM

Roca marks its 30th anniversary helping steer young people away from dead-end lives and into productive ones with a Boston

Jourgensen: I’m just asking… | 6:15 PM

Why do people run or walk for miles for fitness or training for a marathon and then dash across a

Up and away | 10:48 PM

They epitomize all that is great about Lynn and — here’s even better news — they are just getting started.

Don’t Ask Me | 5:46 PM

Don’t ask me but does anyone sweep the sidewalk or gutter in front of their home or business anymore? Maintaining

An Angel’s death really hits home | 11:42 PM

There’s a theme that runs around newsrooms that goes like this: If (name a person) dies, what’ll be in the

A victory for Lynn | 9:57 PM

A state-guaranteed $14 million to $16 million line of credit is good news for the city of Lynn and its

A humble pinnacle | 10:36 PM

North Shore Community College (NSCC) announced on Wednesday that it is one of 10 finalists nationwide for the 2018 Bellwether

A great collaboration | 9:52 PM

Long the cornerstone of Lynn’s economy, GE is proving it can continue bringing good things to the city. The corporation’s

Al Wilson is Essex Media Group's Person of the Year in Lynn.
Lynn Person of the Year: Al Wilson | 12:01 AM

LYNN — Throughout the month of July, if you spent anytime in downtown Lynn,  you probably came across Al Wilson,