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A great collaboration | 9:52 PM

Long the cornerstone of Lynn’s economy, GE is proving it can continue bringing good things to the city. The corporation’s

Al Wilson is Essex Media Group's Person of the Year in Lynn.
Lynn Person of the Year: Al Wilson | 12:01 AM

LYNN — Throughout the month of July, if you spent anytime in downtown Lynn,  you probably came across Al Wilson,

Finding a solution | 11:45 PM

It is ironic and sad that a country mostly built by immigrants can’t sort out and agree on a rational

Defining progress for Lynn | 7:42 PM

Progress, not perfection: That’s how the saying goes. But what standards or objectives define progress for Lynn? We share the

Time for a decision on Porter Street | 7:43 PM

Patrick McGrath knows a lot about Lynn and he knows a lot of people in Lynn. So McGrath commanded attention

Rounding off Lynn | 12:00 AM

FILE PHOTO BY SCOTT EISEN Cars drive around the new rotary in West Lynn. If a rotary can spring up

The parking ban in Lynn keeps Washington Street clear during the snow storm.
Unplugging snow days | 10:06 PM

ITEM PHOTO BY JIM WILSON The parking ban in Lynn keeps Washington Street clear during the snow storm. There was

Ghosts of Christmas past, present | 12:00 AM

By STEVE KRAUSE We are — rather mercifully — reaching the end of another Christmas buildup. Now, relax everybody. I’m

‘T’ top cop Green does Lynn proud | 12:00 AM

First, and foremost, congratulations to Lynn native Kenneth Green for his promotion to be the chief of the MBTA Transit

Doughnuts, the universal language | 12:00 AM

The voice at the other end of the phone line belonged to a computer-savvy, 50-plus-year subscriber to The Daily Item.