news in lynnfield

New police academy attracts area cadets | 7:10 PM

LYNNFIELD — A state-of-the-art police academy has come to Lynnfield. Located at the former Boston Sports Club abutting MarketStreet Lynnfield,

Crighton secures $3M for Lynnfield projects | 9:17 PM

LYNNFIELD — A more than $11 billion transportation infrastructure and climate bond bill passed by the State Legislature early Monday

The Daily Item’s Super Beef Guide | 2:01 AM

With great sandwiches comes a great responsibility to rank them. Sandwich making is a precise art. It takes patience, great

Lynnfield childrens’ programs are grand | 7:11 PM

LYNNFIELD — When it comes to keeping kids busy in the summer, the Lynnfield Recreation Department and Lynnfield Community Schools

Lynnfield board makes appointments | 10:39 PM

LYNNFIELD — The Select Board appointed new members to the Council on Aging, the Lynnfield Initiative for Elders (L.I.F.E.) Board

Virus found in Lynnfield mosquito sample | 7:13 PM

LYNNFIELD — The town has been informed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MADPH) that a West Nile Virus