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A tidal wave in Saugus  | 11:01 PM

Twelve candidates are seeking five seats on the Board of Selectmen in Saugus and 11 candidates are seeking five School

Krause: A reunion to remember | 11:02 PM

My wife Linda likes to say class reunions are like the last scene in “A League of Their Own.” You

Protecting Saugus’ fragile environment | 8:00 PM

Residents of Saugus, surrounding communities, and travelers of Route 1 — The Saugus Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) will ultimately

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A sad ending in Saugus | 6:04 PM

Sunday is the final day of work for 21 Saugus public school custodians. The layoff notices they received two weeks

Lighten up, Saugus | 8:31 PM

Cap World has been a Route 1 business for 37 years. It is the type of business that is part