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Letter: A point of clarification | 7:50 PM

To the editor: On Sept. 11, The Daily Item ran a story about my experiences at Ground Zero in New

Readers’ Advocate: Racism coverage | 7:20 PM

(Editor’s note: The Readers’ Advocate’s role is to address the concerns of readers on a variety of matters, including the

Mental health and deadly force | 6:37 PM

To the editor: In your recent opinion article, “Unarmed response and unanswered questions” (Item, July 17), you raise questions about

Letter: A labor of love | 7:12 PM

To the editor: I had the real pleasure to teach at the Drewicz School in Lynn for 20 years. I

Krause: The kids are all right | 6:45 PM

Almost 50 years ago, George Benson wrote the song “The Greatest Love of All” for a film about Muhammad Ali.

Of horses and barns | 7:30 PM

The Lynn City Council passed a resolution on April 13 urging Amazon to ” … meet community standards for wages,

Judge removal bill oversteps boundaries | 8:31 PM

State Rep. Leonard Mirra admits he doesn’t know much about Essex County Probate Court Associate Justice Abbe L. Ross. But

A glaring omission | 5:37 PM

We are disappointed to hear the North Shore Community College (NSCC) presidential search committee did not include Interim President Dr.