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Letter: An East Point clarification | 7:41 PM

To the editor: As reported recently in the Lynn Item, (Sept. 22), the Nahant Board of Selectmen has begun the

Letter: Blame Biden, not Moulton | 5:01 PM

To the editor: I am an unenrolled (independent) conservative and Seth Moulton is my congressman. Although I never voted for

Jim Walsh: A misplaced Moulton | 8:08 PM

I am a Democrat and Seth Moulton is my Congressman. I voted for him in every general election where he

Jourgensen: Any club that would have me | 7:19 PM

Americans are lonely and loneliness is making them sick.  A Harvard Graduate School of Education survey of 950 people, including

Trying times for town managers | 4:59 PM

In Nahant, Antonio Barletta is assessing the town’s strategy in the wake of a Town Meeting vote allowing an eminent

Krause: The kids are all right | 6:45 PM

Almost 50 years ago, George Benson wrote the song “The Greatest Love of All” for a film about Muhammad Ali.