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Nahant to hold first farmers market | 6:00 PM

NAHANT ― This small town plans to hold a big farmers market, and is looking for small businesses to become

Seaglass Village set to open in Swampscott | 6:38 PM

SWAMPSCOTT ― Residents have united under Seaglass Village to build a community to keep the town’s seniors safe and connected,

A one-stop shop comes to Nahant | 3:20 PM

NAHANT — Residents will no longer have to travel across the causeway to get a carton of eggs and a

Marijuana talks budding in Nahant | 7:59 PM

NAHANT — With recreational marijuana shops growing across the state, the Planning Board met Tuesday night to ensure the town

Even snow days are affected by COVID | 7:13 PM

The coronavirus pandemic has caused school districts to reimagine how curriculum is delivered — remotely in many instances — and