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Windy debut for bike path | 11:42 PM

It’s 11 a.m. on Saturday, 37 degrees, overcast, and windy as hell. A perfect day for a bike ride. Forty-one

Malden police chief talks school safety | 6:11 PM

MALDEN — Police Chief Kevin Molis made it clear he believes, above all, the most important element is helping keep

Did you feel the New Hampshire earthquake? | 12:42 PM

If you felt…something odd…just before 9:30 a.m. Thursday morning, it may have been an earthquake. The United States Geological Survey

Malden recognizes Hispanic population | 10:56 PM

MALDEN — The numbers are eye-opening. The fastest-growing segment of the Bay State population for the second consecutive decade is

Multiple Malden, Medford indictments recorded | 10:37 PM

MALDEN — These following  indictments involving Malden or Medford arrests of residents of those communities in other cities and towns

Malden program one for the books | 9:05 PM

MALDEN — It is very difficult to get around the city these days without bumping into a book. The popular