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For 2020, we need a bold vision | 11:04 PM

New schools and safer streets are the top priorities for 18 Lynn elected officials asked by The Daily Item (Friday,

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Jourgensen: 1917 hit home in Lynn | 11:01 PM

It’s great to see World War I featured in the Academy Award-contending movie, “1917” and I dug with glee and

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Jourgensen: Getting a read on Lynn | 11:03 PM

Reading in Lynn spans four centuries, beginning with the move to establish a “social library” in 1815 with 72 shareholders

Jourgensen: That’s Italian | 10:00 PM

Lynn is a deep melting pot of different ethnicities and it takes digging to find a definitive history describing a

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The spirit of giving  | 11:01 PM

Big-hearted residents really demonstrate their generosity during the holidays, especially at Thanksgiving when several meal initiatives and food giveaways are

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Brotherton: Lynn slighted in Sinful study | 11:02 PM

Personal-finance website WalletHub has released its 2019 report on the Most Sinful Cities in America. Lynn is nowhere on the