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Krause: 40 years and counting | 10:55 PM

Forty years ago, I figured on April 16, 1979, that The Item, my hometown paper, might be but one stop

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Editorial: The circus comes to Peabody | 6:40 PM

Yes, Northshore Mall shoppers, that really is an honest-to-goodness circus tent sitting in the mall parking lot, not an optical

A 170-year-old poster that served as a call-to-action against the city government's choice to transition from township to city.
Jourgensen: How a city was born | 7:01 PM

Leave it to consummate researcher and Lynn Public Library reference room worker Lisa Bourque to shed light on the mystery

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Seniors need new common-sense laws | 9:40 PM

Many people think of the senior years as the golden years. A relaxing retirement spent golfing, traveling the world and

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Mar. 29 CORRECTION | 6:39 PM

Due to an editing error, the opinion page in the March 29 edition of The Item failed to state that

A marijuana border war | 9:20 PM

No salvos have been exchanged or swords crossed, but Saugus and Lynn are unofficially at war over the City Council’s

Jourgensen: Enigmatic Egg Rock | 6:43 PM

What is it about Egg Rock that lends the stone lump jutting out of the ocean an air of inscrutability?

Meals on Wheels has made its mark | 6:17 PM

Each March, Meals on Wheels of America celebrates “March for Meals” to commemorate the month in 1972 when President Richard