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Lynn, Peabody report more virus deaths

By Gayla Cawley | May 21, 2020

Lynn and Peabody reported additional deaths on Wednesday, while several other North Shore communities saw a handful of new COVID-19 cases. 

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Places of worship prepare to reopen in ‘a new reality’

By Gayla Cawley and Thor Jourgensen | May 21, 2020

Although places of worship are permitted to reopen their doors this weekend with heavy restrictions, many local faith leaders are choosing to wait it out for a little while longer. 

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St. Mary’s graduates get a rolling celebration 

By Steve Krause | May 21, 2020

LYNN — Among the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the social distancing rules and regulations that followed, were high school seniors.

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Peabody elders ‘affected more than average’

By Anne Marie Tobin | May 21, 2020

PEABODY — Life can be cruel during these COVID-19 times. Separation from family and friends. Long lines and limited inventory at grocery stores. Record-high unemployment rates. Face masks.

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Students’ dreams trashed by COVID-19: The coronavirus as seen through young eyes

By Gina Terrazzano

My name is Gina Terrazzano, and I’m a sophomore at Peabody High. The shutdown has affected me in many ways mentally and physically. The number one thing that got me down is that our softball season got taken away. It’s heartbreaking to me because this is the season I wait for and train for all year long. I’ve been training alone in my yard hitting, family members playing catch with me and running. 

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Students’ dreams trashed by COVID-19: Big events can’t be pushed back

By Julianna Perry

As (Lynn English) Class President I can say that COVID-19 has stripped away one of the biggest events my fellow class officers and I have given our time and dedication to. We spent hours discussing what would make the perfect prom and a night to remember for our classmates and selves. The hard work that was put in since the day after our Junior Prom has been for nothing. Prom and graduation are not events we can just push back, because the truth is no one knows how far back is enough. This pandemic that has taken away our last few months of high school might be taking away our few first months of our freshmen year of college

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Students’ dreams trashed by COVID-19: The vague and uncertain

By Maia Anastopoulos

Our school system closed on the ironic date of Friday the 13th in March, and our shutdown for the remainder of the school year became officially permanent yesterday. Although disappointing, the recent news was not a surprise. Reported cases are still on the rise in our state, so there does not appear to be a predictable end to this crisis. I actually feel some relief that we won’t be going back given that we’re not past the worst yet. Reports say that younger people are less susceptible to the effects of this virus, but what about those of us who have asthma and other conditions, our teachers, and the parents and grandparents who will get sick if we do?

If this crisis had not happened, I would be giving myself a final academic push to get through fourth quarter and the end of the school year in June. Being in school at this time of year is also more enjoyable because of better weather and opportunities to be outside for cluster time (free block), gym, and exploratories. Time in quarantine is vague and uncertain. Night and day mark the hour, but the usual feelings that we associate with Mondays, Fridays and weekends are missing. Our teachers are doing their best to offer creative assignments and meet with us online, but the blur between school and leisure time within the confines of the same space has a way of making learning feel tedious and therefore more tiring. Four hours of work feel like ten, and it’s hard to find motivation when there is no promise of outside escape.

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Students’ dreams trashed by COVID-19: Sadness in loss of final softball season

By Amanda Wilkins

Never in a million years would I have believed it if someone had told me back in September that my Senior year would be cut short and my final season of softball would not take place.

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Students’ dreams trashed by COVID-19: Not able to show accomplishments

By Anonymous

(This was written by two Lynn Classical High School students who wished to remain anonymous.)

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Students’ dreams trashed by COVID-19: ‘This has slowly been changing me’

By Lezmari Castrodad

Recently, I found out about the schools being closed for the remainder of the school year and will be starting up again next year. This came as a shock to me and ultimately left me feeling down because I enjoyed the time spent with all my teachers and want to keep working with them. This whole epidemic has slowly been changing me. I’d like to share what I’ve been feeling and how a 7th-grade girl is going about this whole experience with you. 

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