The Editors

Revere thinks forward | 7:05 PM

Revere and a bicycle-sharing company began partnering this month to give local residents and visitors a way to get around

Speaking out in Malden | 9:45 PM

Providing time for a public comment at a city council meeting or any public meeting seems like common sense, if

Peabody leases it local | 9:05 PM

Not content to reconstruct its downtown streets and bring fairs to the city to attract local residents and people from

Lessons from the flood | 9:52 PM

For a couple hours on Saturday, Lynn residents and a few of their neighbors experienced a fraction of the misery

Giving Herb his due | 9:47 PM

If you’ve met Herb Levine then you have had the pleasure of meeting a pleasant, easy-going guy with fond memories

Building on faith | 7:05 PM

There is an active, vibrant network of people in Lynn and every community capable of making every city and town

Signs of the times | 8:17 PM

The leaves are falling, Halloween decorations are starting to appear and the election season is heating up with the predictable

The real work starts now | 7:17 PM

Harvey, Jose, Irma, and Maria: Four names now associated with death and destruction caused by hurricane-force winds, rain and tides

Stamping out fatal fires | 7:32 PM

Dawn is just breaking when a fire alarms clamor and sleepy tenants step out of their apartments into a wall

Saugus gets slammed | 9:26 PM

Ouch. That’s about the only way to summarize action taken by state Attorney General Maura Healey’s office in response to

Remembering Jared | 11:24 PM

The story goes that Jared Raymond turned to his mother, Jaclyn, when she picked him up at school on Sept.

A great collaboration | 9:04 PM

There is no fanfare or big ceremony kicking off a new Lynn YMCA program that could very well alter the

The fight is on in Medford | 8:03 PM

A depressing one in 10 Medford voters went to the polls to cast preliminary ballots Tuesday but city voters should

Let the debates begin | 10:10 PM

Fewer than one out of 10 voters cast ballots in Lynn and surrounding communities where preliminary elections were held on

Reading red alert | 11:28 PM

The statistics quoted by reading advocacy organization Reach Out and Read are startling: 44 million adult Americans aren’t literate enough

Remembering a bad day | 11:21 PM

The monuments can be found in most North Shore communities, including Lynn, and the memories — never far from the