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EVIDENCE SUPPORTS LYNN ARREST: Video footage clarifies Lewis Street incident

This article was published 9 months ago.

LYNN — A 54-year-old Lynn man, James Elmore, of 119 Lewis St., faces charges of strangulation or suffocation and assault and battery after he was arrested in connection with an alleged assault, police said. 

Elmore was arrested Wednesday after allegedly assaulting a female victim during an altercation, said Lt. Michael Kmiec, a spokesman for Lynn police. Officers responded to Elmore’s address at approximately 3:27 p.m.

An investigation by police at the scene revealed that contrary to earlier reports, the incident was not a carjacking, but rather “a dispute over a vehicle between people known to one another.” The victim alleged that Elmore and another individual attacked her, and officers observed that she had injuries consistent with her allegations, police said.

The victim was able to identify the suspects who remained at the scene, and a witness confirmed her account of events, police said. Other witnesses at the scene provided inconsistent statements but officers “developed probable cause for a felony charge” and arrested Elmore, police said.

“The responding officers’ Body Worn Cameras captured their actions at the scene and confirmed that the arrest was not based on the suspect’s race nor his prior involvement with the criminal justice system,” police wrote in the statement. “It was a chaotic scene and the officers de-escalated what could have become a more volatile encounter.”

A follow-up investigation by detectives led to additional video surveillance of the fight, which allegedly shows that Elmore was involved in the fight. 

Elmore was held on a $500 bail at his arraignment in Lynn District Court Thursday. 

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