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Saugus council puts the focus on culture

This article was published 10 months ago.

Cameron Nguyen, 8, left, and Michael Fronduto, 8, try to out-do each other in the bungee run at a previous year's Founder's Day event in Saugus. (Spenser R. Hasak)

SAUGUS — At a Cultural Council meeting Wednesday evening, plans for the town’s Founder’s Day were discussed. 

Cultural Council Chair Mike Sullivan said the council will have its “famous booth” at the September event — with a table, a tent, and a tablecloth that has a logo and large tomato stain on it. 

“We will have the booth and we will generally be there from 10-3. I’ll be there the whole time. I’m going to have artist Kelly Slator print art kits,” Sullivan said. 

The total cost for 24 kits will be $200. 

“Which I think is reasonable, we have to pay Kelly Slator for her time,” said Sullivan. 

The kits will be a fun set up for kids at the event. Treasurer Tori Darnell and Sullivan discussed murals in a Planning Board meeting.  

“The conversation surrounding murals was interesting,” said Sullivan. There is a bylaw in place for the town of Saugus allowing murals on private property in commercially zoned districts.

“We aren’t going to give up on pushing for the change to have public murals. On Founder’s Day if there is anyone who is social media savvy to create a way to promote public art, that would be great,” said Sullivan.  

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