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Literacy celebration has its day in Lynn

Celebrate Literacy Planning Committee members (left to right) Diana Moreno, Gina O'Toole, Wendy Joseph, Danielle Sonia, Saritin Rizzuto, Natasha Megie-Muddrey, and Mikki Wilsonn pose with REAL members Bee Wong (holding child), Raisa Ferreras (holding sign- left), Jan Plourde (holding Sign - right) and Mary Klug (second from last) outside of the Lynn Museum. (Anthony Cammalleri)
LYNN — The Celebrate Literacy Day Planning Committee announced Monday that the Reading and Educational Assistance for Learning program will receive this year’s Excellence in Literacy Leadership Award at their Aug. 31 Celebrate Literacy night. Outside the gates of the Lynn Museum Monday evening, REAL program Executive Director and Founder Jan Plourde,  REAL English Teacher…

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