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Man bitten by coyote in Swampscott

This article was published 11 months ago.

SWAMPSCOTT —  A man was bitten by a coyote in Swampscott Monday morning when he pulled over on his way to work, said police.

The incident occurred around 6:15 a.m., when the man, who was headed to work in Beverly, stopped to use his phone near the Santander bank on Paradise Road, according to Detective Sergeant Jay Locke, a spokesman for Swampscott police. The man was standing outside his truck on his phone when he felt something against his leg.

The man felt the coyote bite him, and then reached for a wooden pole in his truck, which he was able to use to fend the animal off, Locke said. 

The man suffered minor injuries to his calf and shin area but declined medical treatment at the scene, telling police he would seek treatment independently, according to Locke.

Locke said he had spoken to the man that same day, after the incident, and he “seemed to be doing alright.”

The coyote returned to the area behind the Marshall’s on Paradise Road following the incident, he said.

Coyotes have become a more regular sight in the area, which is home to a mall in the town, Locke said. He theorized that the animals were feeding on waste in dumpsters and animals like rabbits and turkeys. But, a man getting bitten was unusual, he said, noting that there haven’t been any similar incidents in recent years.

Locke said when encountering a coyote, civilians shouldn’t run or “trigger anything hunting instinctual” in the animal. He suggested “making yourself look big” and making lots of noise to try and scare the animal off.

“It doesn’t want to be near you,” he said. 

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