Police found pressed-fentanyl pills underneath the bedding of a pit bull, Kilo. (MSP)
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A strange tale: Police seize fentanyl hidden under dog in Lynn

LYNN — A joint investigation into a Lynn drug-trafficking ring led to three arrests Wednesday morning and the seizure of hundreds of pressed-fentanyl pills that were hidden under a pit bull and its dog bed, State Police said. 

The arrests resulted from two search warrants that were executed at residences in Lynn and Salem, by the State, Lynn, and Salem Police, along with members of a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) task force, State Police said. 

The first search warrant was executed at 11 Broad St. in Lynn, where police found the illegal narcotics hidden in a dog crate with a pit bull inside. The pressed-fentanyl pills were secreted underneath the dog's bed…

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