Letter: Here is why I am voting for MaryEllen Fletcher

This article was published 1 year(s) and 1 month(s) ago.

To the editor:

I have proudly called Swampscott home for 57 years. In all those years there have been few candidates for the Select Board who have MaryEllen Fletcher’s experience within our town’s government, nor possess her understanding of its management. Her civic and community involvement are also unparalleled. 

Mary Ellen is one of those “go to” people that every community depends on. A person who is willing to step up, give an enormous amount of her time and effort, as well as lead when called upon. 

When you vote for MaryEllen Fletcher, you will be voting for openness, transparency and healthy debate without visceral disdain. You will be voting for a candidate who will listen to all points of view and make her votes based on her knowledge, understanding and experience.

A vote for MaryEllen will be a vote for us, the people of Swampscott! She will be a voice in the room we can all depend on!

I hope you will join me on Tuesday and cast your vote for MaryEllen Fletcher!

Tom Driscoll
Town Meeting Member
Chairperson, Swampscott Contributory Retirement Board
Former Member, Swampscott Select Board

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