Miz Diamond, Salem's first weekly drag performer, will be back performing at Gulu-Gulu Cafe on Jan. 23. (photo credit: Eric Richard Magnussen) (Eric Richard Magnussen)
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Salem drag queen Miz Diamond Wigfall shines bright

SALEM ― The first thing that Miz Diamond Wigfall wants you to know about drag is that it's political.

"If you're not fitting into the mold or you're not abiding by 'a boy does this and the girl does this,' it's a 'f**k you' to society," she said. "This is not me just getting pretty for you." 

Miz Diamond's weekly show (Diamond's Dine-In Drag Brunch) at Gulu-Gulu Cafe on Essex Street serves up her brazen personality with boozy games, guest performances, and a hefty side of opinions ― instead of shying a…

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