A sign indicating danger is seen at the Marblehead transfer station. (Vanessa Leroy )
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Municipal Employees Union on transfer station: Marblehead’s ‘dirty secret’

MARBLEHEAD ― Tucked behind an auto-repair shop and a liquor store that face busy Beacon Street is the town's dirty secret.

The transfer station sits at the back of the lot and abuts a municipal-use complex of paved roads and grassy expanses of landfill. The station consists of a trailer and a compacting pit ― a one-story cube roughly the size of a shipping container. The sky can be seen through a massive hole in its upper left wall. 

The current transfer station ― a structure where waste materials are stored and sorted ― was erected after the old building was demolished in 2016. A $5.75 million dose of municipal funds, earmarked from a large…

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