Sharon Cameron, director of the Peabody Health Department, urges residents to get vaccinated. (Spenser Hasak)
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Peabody looks back and ahead on COVID-19

PEABODY — Heading into 2022, the city's fight against COVID-19 has faced another battle in what will be a now three-year war.

On Dec. 20, the city Health Department's two-week report showed 10,362 cases of COVID-19 in Peabody, a test-positivity increase of 7.3 percent, with 611 new cases, and an average daily infection rate of 78 residents per day. 

The Tanner City ended 2021 in anticipation of the current surge by reintroducing an indoor-mask mandate, as omicron and the winter season contributed to an uptick in cases across the country and the commonwealth.

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