"We are actually just in the process of beginning our strategic-planning process here at Salem State. We really need to think about: how are we going to best serve this community, this region, the North Shore, to enable all those students who want that excellent education, whether it is to become a journalist or to become a nurse or a teacher? Whatever they want to do, we give them the skills so that they can be successful doing that." (Vanessa Leroy)
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Persons of the Year: John Keenan gave of himself in Salem

SALEM — John D. Keenan had a fascinating year.

As president of Salem State University, Keenan had to take on the ever-changing landscape of modern higher education during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the life-changing journey of donating a kidney.

For his personal and professional accomplishments, Keenan has been named Essex Media Group's "Person of the Year" for Salem.

"We've really transformed ourselves overnight," Keenan said about Salem State. "Traditionally, most of our classes …

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