An ordinance in Lynn will require all of the city's roughly 18,000 rental units to be inspected once every five years. (Spenser Hasak)
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Landlords confused by ordinance in Lynn

LYNN ― As a third-party company started registering long-term rental housing units for future inspections, in accordance with the ordinance adopted in October 2020, local landlords started to express frustration with the process, the fees and the timing of the new program.

The Lynn City Council passed the long-term rental ordinance, which requires all rental units to be inspected every five years on Sept. 29, 2020; it was signed by the mayor on Oct. 1, 2020. According to city officials, the ordinance was meant to protect both landlords and renters.

“It helps support the landlords and it helps support the people living in those apartments. We have to make sure the exits are clear, that it’s safe for our public-safety workers, our police and firefighters,”…

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