Junior running back Connor Cronin had 10 receptions for 263 yards and three touchdowns for Marblehead in Thursday’s Division 3 Super Bowl victory. (Item Photo: Spenser Hasak)

From waterboy to Super Bowl star, Marblehead’s Connor Cronin has been through it all

MARBLEHEAD ― Connor Cronin was dominant in the Division 3 Super Bowl at Gillette Stadium on Thursday evening, but it wasn't his first time there with the Marblehead Magicians football team.

When Marblehead made its last Super Bowl appearance in 2016, the wideout was on the sidelines in a different role.

"I was actually the waterboy for the team," said Cronin. "I came and I was the waterboy and I sent that photo of me and one of the waterboys to coach (Jim Rudloff) when we made it (the Super Bowl), and I was like, 'let's go.'"

Cronin had a night to remember in Foxborough. The junior wideout ended the night with 10 catches, 263 receiving yards, three touchdowns, and an interception.

"It seems like he does something incredible every game," Marblehead quarterback Josh Robertson said. "He’s a talented kid, one of the most talented in Massachusetts. Just get the ball in his hands and watch him do the rest."

The junior had even more memories from that 2016 game as his brother, Tim, was dressed as a freshman wearing the same number that Cronin donned  Thursday night (22). 

"I'm always continuing the legacy," said the junior. "I'm always repping the twos. He was obviously one of the best players and I always look up to him."

Besides being the first Super Bowl championship for Marblehead, the win meant even more for Cronin.

"I always look up to my grandfather, who passed away in 2020," said Cronin. "I always play for him. He's truly my inspiration."

Cronin will be back for the 2022 season, which will be his last at the high school. With the Magicians currently boasting a 20-game winning streak, Cronin hopes that he can help maintain Marblehead's winning ways next season.

"Being a part of all 20 wins is crazy," said Cronin. "The fact that we have made it 20 in a row shows how strong this program is and how good our coaching is. We look forward to keeping that alive next year."

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