Assistant Superintendent of Peabody Schools Dr. Chris Lord oversees the Peabody P.R.E.P. program. (Spenser Hasak)
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Peabody P.R.E.P. finding success virtually

PEABODY — There are only seven virtual schools in the commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Peabody P.R.E.P. (Personalized Remote Education Program) is showing that this method of teaching is proving to be effective at keeping kids in school.

"I'm very proud of the new Peabody P.R.E.P. program,” said Executive Director of Remote Learning Dr. Chris Lord. "We've had excellent attendance, excellent achievement and excellent engagement."

Lord said that as of the end of October, 61 of 122 students in grades K-12 have perfect attendance records with 97 percent attendance in K-5, 96 percent in grades 6-8 and 86 percent in grades 9-12.

Lord credits part of the success of the ci…

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