UMass-Amherst sophomore Owen Blacker conducted a valuable study on the effect of stormwater runoff on Pillings Pond.
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Lynnfield High grad’s study may impact Pillings Pond

LYNNFIELD — Resident Owen Blacker, a sophomore pursuing environmental science studies at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, has completed an internship under the guidance of the town's Planning & Conservation Director Emilie Cademartori. 

For his project, Blacker chose to assess the water quality of Pillings Pond. He investigated the impact that storms have from stormwater that drains into the pond from surrounding lands. Cademartori said Blacker's water analysis will provide important supplemental quality data for Upton-based Water & Wetland, the Conservation Commission’s water-treatment consultant for work at Pillings Pond. 

"Owen was extremely concise and self-driven," said Cademartori. "He approached us and basically said, 'I live here and want to do something.' I gave him the big picture of what we are trying to do and he just dove i…

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