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Peabody laying plans for 32 new townhomes

Peabody Planning Board members listen to a developer during an Oct. 7 meeting. (Peabody TV)

PEABODY ― The Planning Board is waiting on the final stages of peer review to turn a vacant storefront into 32 townhome units, complete with 60 parking spaces and 20 visitor parking spaces. 

68 Prospect St., which used to be a Lahey Medical Imaging building, is going to be demolished and turned into market rate and affordable townhomes. The property was initially proposed in May; K. Hoyle Construction bought the property for $3 million in June. 

“Phase one would be to start with 12 units,” said John Keilty, the lawyer representing K. Hoyle Construction at the Planning Board meeting on May 20.

Six of the townhouses will be affordable housing, said Keilty. In addition to building the initial 12 townhomes, the construction group will fix a sidewalk that leads to the property and they will add a landscape buffer for privacy. 

The total plan for the townhouse development is to have five buildings that contain the 32 two-bedroom units. Each unit will have a one car garage and an exclusive driveway. 

In the May meeting, City Planner Andrew Levin said that K. Hoyle Construction knew it would have to receive peer reviews for certain aspects of the project. In the meeting on Oct. 7, Levin said that the peer reviews had been completed. 

“I would expect to have the applicants back at the next meeting to discuss 68 Prospect St.,” said Levin. “The Department of Public Services is in the process of reviewing the peer reviews right now and making comments.”

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