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Town Hall looking to bring the farm to Nahant

This article was published 1 year(s) and 9 month(s) ago.

NAHANT — Residents might be getting a taste of the farm thanks to Town Hall.

In a collaborative effort between the staff of Nahant Town Hall, the town is considering bringing a “farmer’s festival” to town.

Nahant currently has a survey for residents to gauge their interest in bringing a farmer’s market-type event to the community. The survey can be accessed via the Town Hall’s Facebook page. The town is also looking to see who would want to be involved in the event, as well as what type of programming or events residents would like to have.

Town Administrator Antonio Barletta said that the town is looking to create outdoor events that bring the community together.

“The idea of the farmer’s festival is that it would be centered around an event or a program and then it would also include the aspect of a market,” he said, “a place where local products can be sold or displayed.”

Barletta added that entertainment and programming would likely be geared towards kids so that adults can enjoy the market.

He added that they are looking to have an event before late fall so that the town can work out the kinks in preparation for a summer series in 2022.

Barletta also told The Daily Item that from the results so far, there seems to be considerable interest in making this event a reality.

WIth the COVID-19 pandemic forcing people across the world into solitude for months, the Town Administrator believes it’s important to hold these community events.

Barletta also added that while Nahant’s kindergarten through sixth grade population was able to stay in school through the pandemic, that wasn’t the case for students around the world. He noted that going without in-person school can have an impact on children’s social and mental health.

“Mental Health is important,” he said. “Social activity (and) community gatherings all play a role in that, especially with the youth.”

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