St. John's Prep has hired alum Brian Jasiak as the school's new golf coach. (Courtesy Photo: St. John's Prep athletics)

St. John’s Prep hires alum Brian Jasiak as new golf coach

DANVERS — St. John’s Prep announced Wednesday morning that it has appointed former Eagle Brian Jasiak (’07) to take the helm of the school’s varsity golf team. 

A native of Newburyport and now a resident of North Reading, the 32-year-old will head a powerhouse program that has produced a 73-6 record in the past five seasons — including an abbreviated 9-0 campaign in 2020. 

"As a Prep graduate, Brian has great knowledge and understanding of our school community, mission and golf program," said St. John’s Prep Athletic Director Jameson Pelkey, a resident of  Groveland, upon announcing the hire. "Being involved with the program in some capacity for nearly the last 10 years, Brian has built a great foundation with our student-athletes, creating connections at our local golf courses and establishing strong relationships within our conference and with other opponents we face throughout the fall. I'm excited for Brian to lead our golf team, and look forward to working with him to carry on the proud and successful tradition of the sport here."

The Eagles notched their third perfect season since 2007 last fall, and the program hasn’t absorbed more than three regular-season losses in the last 12 years. Be that as it may, the Prep’s new skipper maintains that his primary role is not so much to collect wins, but rather to support his players on and off the course, enforce the rules and also be there for them outside of the game. 

"I’m a big culture guy," said Jasiak, who takes the baton from fellow Prep alum Joe Rocha (’88), a Beverly resident, after five years in the position. "The better these guys are doing in school, the less stressed out they’ll be and the better they’ll perform. All the kids love golf, they play all the time, they all have swing coaches. They’re going to make me look good, not the other way around. I’m there to guide, lead and set them up for success."

After receiving his diploma from the Prep, a place he says taught him to "be smart, get a great education and live a holistic life in society," Jasiak earned a Bachelor of Science in corporate accounting and finance from Bentley University with a minor in IT. 

A year-round club and scholastic baseball player growing up, he walked on with the Falcons as a junior and made the squad as a left-handed pitcher, playing a full season in the Division II Northeast-10 Conference. 

"I didn’t want to have any regrets," Jasiak said of his desire to play.

After college, Jasiak climbed the professional ladder quickly, moving through project management roles at J.P. Morgan and Moody’s before hitching on with DraftKings, Inc. in an events-and-promotions role when the company was just three years old. Now a senior manager at Catchpoint, he reports directly to the CEO and is responsible for business strategy at the firm, which tracks and streamlines digital infrastructure performance for giants like Amazon and Sony.

Jasiak, who has already connected personally with the team’s hopeful returnees, believes his journey over the past decade makes him uniquely suited to inspire young men at St. John’s. 

"I’ve been in locker rooms and I’ve walked on at the collegiate level, so I know what it’s like to be the new guy and to be a leader, like during my time at St. John's," said Jasiak, whose lifelong relationship with the sport of golf began at age four thanks to his grandparents’ membership at Haverhill Golf and Country Club. "My focus is on fostering a really great culture and camaraderie. This team is a family — not just the varsity, but the JV, too.

"We’re going to make sure the program keeps elevating with better courses, a competitive schedule and season-ending events," Jasiak said. "All the guys on varsity started with our JV. There’s no top four and bottom four in our lineup. We’ll track our success as a team. In a way, golf is the ultimate team sport. Everyone can have a bad round, but you can get picked up by the next guy. My role is to make them better student-athletes and well-rounded members of the Prep community, and beyond."

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