John Hoffman will be hosting a night of live sports talk on LETV Thursday night, focusing on Lynn’s “Mount Rushmore of Athletes” in a number of different sports. (Item File Photo)

John Hoffman to host live night of sports talk on LETV

LYNN — The sports history of Lynn is so deep, it can't be covered in one night. Despite that, local sports connoisseur John Hoffman is going to attempt to come close when he hosts a live sports talk television show on the Lynn Education Channel (LETV) this Thursday at 6 p.m.

The show will feature a number of discussions about Lynn's "Mount Rushmore of Athletes" in various sports — specifically football, boys and girls hockey, boys and girls basketball, baseball and softball. 

Hoffman plans to feature a number of guests to discuss players from each sport's history in the city, and people watching at home will also have the opportunity to call in at 781-596-1905 and give their own personal…

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