"Wildman" Steve Brill will give a foraging demonstration and tour at the Nahant Public Library Friday and Saturday.
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‘Wildman’ Steve Brill will show Nahant how to forage for food

NAHANT — Naturalist and author “Wildman” Steve Brill will make an appearance at Nahant Public Library Friday and Saturday to share his extensive foraging knowledge with residents. 

As part of his two-day lecture and walking tour titled “Eat the Weeds with the Wildman”, Brill will give audiences a demonstration of edible and medicinal plants, as well as some poisonous ones (“in case there are some murderers in the audience,” he said), and attendees will also be treated to a showing of some of Brill’s mushroom sculptures. 

“We’ll talk about how to recognize (edible plants) and how to use them for food and home remedies,” Brill said. “I do a lot of cooking, and we have history, folklore, mythology, anecdotes — anything releva…

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