60 gallon rain barrels for outdoor water use (courtesy of The Great American Rain Barrel Company)
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Company Offering Discounted Rain Barrels to Residents of Lynn

LYNN — The Great American Rain Barrel Company (TGARB) is teaming up with the city's Department of Public Works (DPW) to create a Lynn 2021 Rain Barrel program, offering residents rain barrels at a discounted price of $69, until April 1. 

Rain barrels can be used for outdoor water use, such as washing cars, filling up the pool, gardening and washing off porches and patios. They are an energy-reducing source that also saves money while being environmentally conscientious. 

“We are encouraging residents to use rain barrels because they help the city manage its water resources by reducing runoff, lowering municipal water demands, saving energy at treatment plants, and improving reside…

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