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Bruins anthem singer serenades Kane’s Donuts

Boston Bruins National Anthem singer Todd Angilly hands out roses to customers for Valentine's Day at Kane's Donuts in Saugus. (Julia Hopkins)

SAUGUS — “I love to get a chance to sing,” said Boston Bruins National Anthem singer Todd Angilly on the patio of Kane’s Donuts’ Route 1 location this Valentine’s Day while he was taking a break between songs. 

“It’s the perfect opportunity to make some people smile,” he said.

For the Valentine’s Day event, Angilly performed love songs for people walking by and those waiting in cars in the establishment’s drive-through line. Along with providing entertainment, the event was aimed at raising money to benefit the local nonprofit, Christopher’s Haven, a home for children and families affected by cancer.

The donut shop is matching the total amount raised by Angilly’s performance.

Angilly lives in Lynnfield and works for the Massachusetts Department of Correction, providing classes and education to people in the justice system so they can gain meaningful employment after their release. He is also classically trained in opera, and likes to engage in both of those passions. When not working his day job, Angilly can be found at SportsDeck at TD Garden, working as a bartender then, during normal times, stealing away to sing the Anthem at Bruins games.

“I had dreams of being an opera singer,” he said. “And then the opportunity to work in corrections came up and it just seemed like what I wanted to do — getting to work with people.”

Angilly is also offering “Sidewalk Serenades,” which involves delivering a four-course gourmet Italian meal to people while singing a few songs for them in the process.

Angilly celebrated Valentine’s Day with his wife this Friday, and spent most of Sunday performing, first at Kane’s and then with his “Sidewalk Serenades.”

“I’m just trying to keep the positivity going — to take the opportunity to use something negative and turn it into something good,” he said, before launching into his rendition of Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore.”

“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie,” he crooned to the customers, who were visibly delighted by the surprise performance. 

Kane’s Donuts is New England’s legacy donut shop. It is ranked in the top 10 in the United States for serving handcrafted donuts and treats that are made fresh daily with local ingredients. 

Kane’s is offering three new flavors for the month of February — Pink Boa, M&M and Chocolate Orgasm.

The latter flavor is a rich, cake donut doused in Hersey’s chocolate syrup, coated in crushed chocolate cookies, and filled with chocolate pudding.

The store also offered special Valentine’s Day K-pops, which were only available over the holiday weekend. 

The donut shop has been in operation for 66 years, beginning with Kane’s now-iconic “legacy” store, which opened in Saugus in 1955. In 2016, the company opened a second location, “Kane’s Downtown” in the heart of Boston’s financial district at International Place. In March 2019, Kane’s opened its Route 1 location in Saugus, “Kane’s Flagship,” which features a drive-through and donut-prep observation area.

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