From left to right: Don Juan Moses, John Nardizzi, and James J. Watson celebrate Watson's release. (Courtesy of John Nardizzi)

Nahant investigator helps free man wrongly convicted of murder 41 years ago

NAHANT -- After serving 41 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, James J. Watson is finally a free man. 

Thanks to the help of Nahant investigator John Nardizzi with the New England Innocence Project, Watson, who was one of two men convicted in the 1979 murder of 28-year-old Swampscott cab driver Jeffrey Boyajian, had his conviction formally overturned in November after courts found witness statements used during his trial to be unreliable. 

“I’m feeling pretty good,” said Watson, 61, during a phone interview near his Somerville home late last month. “But it’s bittersweet because a lot of people aren’t here to celebrate with me.”

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