RJ, 4, and Oliver Curry, 2, of Lynn, let out their "biggest roars" to show their excitement for trick-or-treating on Halloween. (Spenser Hasak)
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All Hallows Eve: Families weighing the in and outs of gathering the goods

LYNN -- Any other year the most creative part of Halloween for families and their kids would be crafting the perfect costume for a night out trick-or-treating. But this fall being safe while stockpiling the candy has forced some in the community to be creative in a different way.

For Sheila Curry and her husband, Sean, bringing their two boys RJ, 4, and Oliver, 2, from house to house wasn't the best option in the world of COVID-19. So the boys and a handful of their cousins will be taking their trick-or-treating to Georgetown, where instead of gathering sweets by knocking on the doors of different homes, they'll be doing it all at the same place.

"We'll be going to my brother's house Saturday night," Sheila said. "Their house actually has five different doors so the adults are going to be giving out candy at each door while the kids make their way around."

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