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Juvenile charged with drug trafficking after traffic stop in Nahant

(Nahant Police)

NAHANT — A routine traffic stop in Nahant has resulted in criminal motor vehicle charges for the operator of the car, and drug possession and trafficking charges for a passenger. 

An officer with the Nahant Police Department reported stopping a red Ford driven by three juveniles at 1:40 a.m. Tuesday on Nahant Road after the car’s registration showed its insurance had been revoked. 

The officer, who preferred not to give his name, said a strong smell emanating from the vehicle prompted him to question the male driver, who admitted to smoking marijuana before giving the officer permission to search the car. That resulted in the seizure of numerous drug paraphernalia reportedly belonging to one of the vehicle’s male passengers, the officer said.

The driver, who was determined not to have been operating the vehicle while impaired, was charged with criminal motor vehicle operation, while his passenger was charged with drug possession and intent to distribute.  The third passenger was not charged.

Because the parties are both under the age of 18, the officer stated that sentencing, if they are convicted, is likely to be more lenient. 

“For the motor vehicle charges, it will most likely be fines with no jail time,” he said. “For the possession and intent to distribute charges, that varies based on prior criminal records that they may or may not have, but would most likely be a fine or a drug program or something like that.”

Both parties, who the officer stated are not Nahant residents, are set to appear in juvenile court at an undetermined date. 


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