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Coronavirus cases continue downward trend

Lynn, Revere and Saugus each reported an additional death Monday, but continue to see a low number of new coronavirus cases. 

With the additional death, Lynn has approached a grim milestone, as its COVID-19 death toll is now 90, according to city data. 

In Revere, 76 residents have died, and Saugus has had 30 virus fatalities, according to their municipal websites. 

With the 13 new cases reported Monday, Lynn's caseload is 3,438. As 1,609 residents have recovered from the virus, the city's number of active cases is 1,739, according to city data. 

Revere reported six new cases on Monday, which brings its total number of cases to 1,658 — 1,255 residents have recovered. 

In Saugus, 12 more cases were reported, which brings the town's caseload to 520. 

Lynnfield, Swampscott and Marblehead each reported an additional case on Monday to bring the towns' respective numbers to 92 cases and 11 deaths, 224 cases and 30 deaths, and 123 cases and eight deaths. 

Although Lynnfield, Marblehead, and Swampscott have a similar population, Marblehead has a much higher number of virus deaths, which the town attributes to a high number of deaths that are connected to nursing homes.

In Marblehead, more than 96 percent of its 30 deaths have been either residents or staff members at one of the town's long-term care facilities, according to town data. 

Nahant's numbers remained the same at 41 cases and six deaths, according to the town website. 

Due to Peabody changing the way the city conducts its case counts in order to align with state reporting, numbers reported on Monday are much lower than last Friday. 

The city now has 939 cases and 113 deaths, according to Peabody Health Director Sharon Cameron. 

Last week, Peabody reported 991 cases and 136 deaths, but is now only reporting confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths rather than suspected or probable ones, Cameron said. 

"We started reporting our data locally before the state was doing it and found the report of confirmed, suspect and probable cases was useful to give us a better picture of our caseload, but as more serology testing is being done now, it no longer makes sense to report the data out that way," said Cameron. "This puts us in sync with what the other North Shore towns are reporting." 

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