Peabody’s Olivia Kiricoples has committed to play lacrosse at Worcester State University next season.

Peabody’s Olivia Kiricoples commits to lacrosse at Worcester State

PEABODY -- Peabody senior Olivia Kiricoples spent her time with the Tanners girls lacrosse team serving as a key offensive playmaker and now she'll continue her career at the next level after committing to play at Worcester State next year.

The decision wasn't necessarily a tough one for Kiricoples. Her first chance to see the Lancers campus was one of her first college visits she went on and it was a great first impression.

"I visited towards the end of junior year, actually," Kiricoples said. "It was one of the first visits I went on and I loved everything. Even the pathways, the grass and the building, it was very aesthetically pleasi…

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