Students’ dreams trashed by COVID-19: The vague and uncertain

By Maia Anastopoulos

Our school system closed on the ironic date of Friday the 13th in March, and our shutdown for the remainder of the school year became officially permanent yesterday. Although disappointing, the recent news was not a surprise. Reported cases are still on the rise in our state, so there does not appear to be a predictable end to this crisis. I actually feel some relief that we won’t be going back given that we’re not past the worst yet. Reports say that younger people are less susceptible to the effects of this virus, but what about those of us who have asthma and other conditions, our teachers, and the parents and grandparents who will get sick if we do?

If this crisis had not happened, I would be giving myself a final academic push to get through fourth quarter and the end of the school year in June. Being in school at this time of year is also more enjoyable becau…

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