Students’ dreams trashed by COVID-19: Big events can’t be pushed back

By Julianna Perry

As (Lynn English) Class President I can say that COVID-19 has stripped away one of the biggest events my fellow class officers and I have given our time and dedication to. We spent hours discussing what would make the perfect prom and a night to remember for our classmates and selves. The hard work that was put in since the day after our Junior Prom has been for nothing. Prom and graduation are not events we can just push back, because the truth is no one knows how far back is enough. This pandemic that has taken away our last few months of high school might be taking away our few first months of our freshmen year of college

 as well. I believe what hurts the most, other than not getting the traditional high school ending, is that we weren’t aware that our lasts were actually our last. We walked the hallways, sat at our desks, used o…

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