Superintendent Pamela Angelakis with Clarke School fourth-grader Myley Rose Cook, taken on the first day of school. (Courtesy photo)

Swampscott superintendent: Tough challenges part of role

SWAMPSCOTT — Although School Superintendent Pamela Angelakis has led the town's school district since 2014, she still feels that gender bias is a factor in some of her decisions. 

Angelakis, a 30-year veteran of the Swampscott Public Schools, said her gender didn't present any special challenges during her previous stints as a teacher, principal and assistant superintendent, as those are typical female roles, but things started to change when she became head of the school district. 

"I think in my early years as superintendent it was slightly more challenging since, from my perspective, I was now in a position dominated by males," said Angelakis. "I think that has changed. Even so, I do feel the…

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