Tom Demakes of Old Neighborhood help unload a truck full of boxes of Christmas meals of families of children who go to the Lynn YMCA.

Feeding a need in Lynn

LYNN -- The way Tom Demakes of Old Neighborhood Foods sees it, if you have the  means to help people in need and choose not to, "shame on you."

Demakes, the third-generation owner of the Waterhill Street business, is a noted philanthropist. And part of that generosity manifests itself at Christmastime, when his company has, for several years, donated food to needy families in Lynn associated with institutions such as the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club. Thursday, Old Neighborhood gave out 75 meal boxes to the Lynn Y to be distributed to local families. 

"This is something we have done from time to time," said Demakes. "It's something, at least. There's never enough to go around for everyone, but it's something we do.


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